How To Start An Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Wema Shop has brought to you a way to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Considering the fact that some affiliate marketing programs do not accept Nigerians. So, Wema Shop create an affiliate marketing program that you can start promoting it products right away and get paid.

Considering the situation in Nigeria as whole is getting worse every day since independent. People are getting poorer due to the poorest system that favor the elite only. Some are staving to death during this pandemic. Even the most developed countries are into recession let alone Nigeria. It has no option than to seek for loan from world Bank. Consequently, slash it budget by N1.5 Trillion due to Corona virus. The Government is projecting that 20 million people are going to loss their jobs during this Pandemic. Lectures are on strike. Doctors are treating to start. Some states like Kogi could not be able to pay salary. Even the salary increment is now slash out in Kano.

N-Power is just an acronym for National youth service continuation. Therefore, you are just been bribe with N30,000 to allow them to continued enriching themselves from your nation wealth and forget any business opportunity before you. You will always be debt if Salary is your only source of income. That why Hausas called it “Albashi” meaning The Debt (meaning you will be always in debt). I work as civil servant; teaching in secondary school for 5 years with only N2,500 increment. Certainly, getting pension after retirement is another battle.

Don’t expect job that won’t be available, impact people are going to lost job during this Pandemic. Source some ways to earn some cash daily or weekly and the best way is internet marketing.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com), Bill Gate (microsoft.com), are the 1st and 2nd riches person in the world, Mark Zuberbag (Facebook) and Mr Jack Ma (Alibaba.com) are all making Billions of dollars every year through internet mainly affiliate marketing.. Do you know that each time you open a Facebook Mark Zuberbaig is earning some money from you, there are over 1.6 billion active Facebook user monthly. 

So, you can use this opportunity to earn money on Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and Instagram using your laptop or android phone. Amazon. EBay, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Jumia, AliDropship and many more thousands of affiliate programs are free to join and start promoting. Do you know the secret of Jeff Bezos wealth (Amazon.com). Amazon has an affiliate program with $10 and $20 commission to it affiliate for each buyer from their links. He has over thousands affiliate that brought him sale daily. This thousands sales run into billions dollar daily.

What is an affiliate Program?

It is an internet marketing system in which you sign up into an affiliate program and access a link that you can be inserting in your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram post. So you get paid if person buy via your link within 30, 60, 90 days of login into the sites.

You can earn from 500 to 100,000 depending on the products such as Dropshiping Packages, make money courses, certificate or university courses, Real Estate. Certainly, they paid the highest.

Therefore, to start an affiliate marketing, you just need Handset but preferable Computer. interestingly, 99% of the affiliate network are free to join. Just your name and email. You can even earn hundred dollars without spending a penny by attaching the link to your daily posting on Facebook and Instagram, be smart and logic grab the opportunity and earn some money you have nothing to loss my testing a knowledge.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing networks and programs like

Clickbank. Download FREE Templete on how to sign up CLICKBANK from Nigeria. or watch how to change IP address using epic browser youtube


CJ junction




Wema Shop make money with us

Alidropship You can Sign-up for their 7 days FREE training or Download 6 FREE Templete Tips on Dropshipping

ShareAsale and a lot of them

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